Batch Controllers for Tanker Loading

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Cosmic BCT 776 is a powerful field batch controller designed for oil distribution depots and terminals.

Meeting the requirements for tanker trucks, railcar and ship loading/unloading operations. Used for custody transfer certified, BCT 776 is compatible with the entire range of volumetric and mass meters used in the oil industry. It is an all-in-one electronic register.

It can interface directly with most terminal automation and data management systems, as it uses the industry standard MODBUS RTU protocol for reliable communication.

Frequently used for Tanker Loading or Industrial Mixing & Batching applications, BCT-77X series provides a ready to use solution.
Available in Normal wall mounted and certified Explosion-proof Enclosures, the Batch Controller is frequently used for recipe preparation in chemicals,
petrochemicals, food industry etc. as also for Tanker Loading in Spirit, Solvents, Oil, milk applications etc. Please do contact us for any of your special customized batching control applications.


BCT 776 is a versatile instrument for Batching applications.

Designed in CMRI/CCOE approved Flameproof enclosures, our Batching Controllers are extensively used for applications in chemical, petrochemical industries as well as Tanker Loading automation systems.


  • Net, Gross delivery quantities computed.
  • Non Volatile memory for storage of 200 Batch History, each drop dispensed is accounted for.
  • Storage of Truck number, Qty set point requested, Qty delivered, Fluid selected, Time / date started, Time/Date stopped for every Batch.
  • Onboard Real Time Clock.
  • Operating Supply: 90 to 230V AC/DC, 50/60 Hz
  • Display: 128 x 64 Graphics Backlit High visibility LCD
  • Pump & Valve (Fine & Coarse) or DCV Auto Sequencing Control, user configurable.
  • Keyboard: 16 keys rugged metallic keypad
  • Analog Inputs: 4-20 mA from Flow Meter,  or Load Cell Converter.
  • Pulse Inputs: PNP/NPN 24V for use with PD meters or Mass Flow Meters fully field programmable.
  • Automatic Overflow adjustment setting & no flow detection.
  • Control Outputs: 6 relay outputs for Recipe and Pump/Valve sequence control
  • Status: Batch Hold, Batch Over, Batch Ready RIT Lamp outputs
  • Digital Inputs: 8 digital inputs for Remote Start/Stop/Hold and safety Control
  • Calibration -Thru Software
  • Serial Interface: RS-485 (for Printer or Modbus RTU communication with TAS)
  • Mounting: Wall mounting
  • Panel mounted safe area printer available as optional, can be placed up to 1.2 Km from the Batcher on a 2 wire interface.
    distance from the Batch Controller.
  • Prints each transaction with timestamp sequentially, or on request thru menu.
  • Two Level password Control to prevent unauthorized tampering.
  • Safety Interlocks to prevent spilling or unsafe operation.

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