Batch Controller BCT 241

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Batch Controller for Industrial Applications

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What is a Batch Controller?

Typically, a Batch Controller accepts input signal from a Flow meter in the form of an analog signal like 4-20mA, Frequency or Pulse. The desired Volume or mass which needs to be transferred is set on the Batch Controller. On Start command, the Controller gives out a sequence of command signals to Dispensing elements like the pump and Control Valves. The commands are manipulated automatically so that the dispensed volume exactly equals the set

Dual Stage Valve Control Benefits

For accurate Batch Control, our units have Dual Stage Valve Control mechanism. Accurate and fast dispensing is achieved using a combination of High Flow and Fine Flow Control Valves. The sequence of operation of these valves is precisely controlled using a user programmable configuration which can be fine tuned as per the application and field conditions. Automatic dispensed volume correction feature takes into account the various mechanical lags in the valve system, and corrects the dispensed volume automatically in the next cycle thereby improving the dispensed volume accuracy on a continuous basis.

Complete Batching solutions…

Each flow and Batching application is different. As an end to end solution, we offer complete Wall mounted or Panel mounted Batch Control solutions along with suitable Flow meters and Control Valves.

Need Advanced Batching Controllers for Truck Loading ?

For high end Batching applications for Tanker Loading automation, we have specially designed Batching Controllers which have a in-built memory to store all Batching transactions with including Truck details with Real Time Clock, and a Remote printer to print Batch data.


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