Steam Flow Computer

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Steam Flow computer SFC-146 is designed for Steam Mass Flow measurement. This versatile flow meter computes compensated steam flow receiving input from
• Vortex flow meter
• Orifice plate, ISO 5167 computation
• Venturi, Verabar or Annubar This flow computer can easily be interfaced to SCADA or DCS systems with analogue retransmission or RS485-MODBUS outputs.

Multi-parameter display:
• Volumetric flow
• Mass flow
• Steam pressure
• Steam temperature
• Steam density
• Saturation pressure
• Mass total
• Enthalpy
• Specific energy
• Energy flow

• Built-in steam table IAPWS-1997 algorithm, Real-time calculation of compensated mass flow and other steam parameters
• Saturated steam using pressure or temperature inputs (analogue 4-20ma) or Superheated steam using both pressure and temperature inputs (analogue 4-20ma)
• Preset temperature or pressure values can be programmed in case on-line signals are not available or transmitter failure
• Saturated or superheated steam is automatically sensed by the Steam Flow Computer, and computations are accordingly processed for Mass Flow
• Isolated RS485 MODBUS RTU port is available as optional for reliable connectivity


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