Compressed Air Flow Meters

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Featuring our premium grade series for demanding industrial applications, a high pressure flow meter with enhanced precision, factory wet calibration, remote multiparameter graphic display unit, isolated retransmission, and industrial grade communication ports..

Reliable metering technology

Based on International Standards ISO 5167, designed for demanding site conditions, and manufactured under strict factory quality assurance program, this flow meter has a proven track record with thousands of successful installations.

Accuracy you can count on..

A trustworthy mass flow meter, with predictable and accurate results with a rugged design for tough industrial sites, it has built in advanced algorithms and a database of properties of compressed air.

The intelligent software to achieve on-line dynamic density compensation for pressure and temperature variations is the result of twenty years of our experience in industrial gas flow measurement.

Fast return on investment

A large number of our clients have benefitted with huge savings, by implementing on-line compressed air consumption monitoring programs, thanks to the data port available in our flow meters. The investment in our flow meters was thus recovered in a short span of time.

Easy set up…

We understand that the sites which are in production stage, need the flow meters commissioning in the fastest possible time frame.

Customised for each individual customer and application, the system is factory delivered in pre-assembled and configured condition, and is operational within minutes of installation.

Connectivity ports for on-line monitoring…

The industry standard industrial grade isolated RS 485 MODBUS port on the flow meter makes it straightforward to connect it to any SCADA or mobile apps for monitoring, datalogging and reporting.

Exceptional customer support…

Developed and engineered by our in-house development team, support is only a phone call away. Our dedicated & experienced application specialists discuss every aspect of your requirement. It’s a solution that we wish to provide you, not just a product !


Salient features-

  • Manufactured and tested as per international standards like ISO 5167
  • Delivers predictable and accurate metering results.
  • Remote Display wall mounted IP66 backlit Graphical LCD display unit
  • High contrast multi parameter screen.
  • User configurable units Kg/hr or Nm3/hr or CFM or CFM(FAD).
  • User configurable reference conditions setting as per the compressor manufacturer recommendation.
  • Dynamic Density compensation.
  • Enhanced precision for high grade performance.
  • Accuracy unaffected in varying header pressure conditions.
  • Accuracy unaffected in all climatic conditions and air temperature changes.
  • Designed specially for industrial air consumption monitoring.
  • High grade steel construction for enhanced safety, finish, and product life.
  • 4-20 mA retransmission output for mass available as standard.
  • Industrial grade RS485 isolated MODBUS port available as standard.
  • Plug n play’ concept, just connect power and the interconnect cable, No settings required, operational in minutes after installation.

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