Nitrogen Tyre Inflator with Automatic N2 Purge

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Air consists of about 78% Nitrogen and 21% oxygen and 1% other gases. Nitrogen is inert, non combustible and does not react with metals towards corrosion whereas, oxygen is destructive element for metal and rubber.

The presence of oxygen in the tyre causes corrosion to the wheel as well as deterioration of the tyre too.

Over the time due to presence of oxygen the rubber starts loosing its elasticity and strength. With in turn causes damage to the rubber structure ultimately to the tread.

Hence use of Nitrogen for tyre inflation was initiated for…

WHY Cosmic? the trusted brand for Automatic Air Tyre inflators for 20 years..

Coming from the manufacturers of ‘Cosmic’ tyre inflating machines, model “Nitroflator 308L with Auto Purge” features the most advanced Nitrogen Tyre inflators available in India. 

Enhanced accuracy, rugged construction, Smart intelligent software, selectable Air or N2 mode makes this machine a favourite among petrol station owners at very cost effective prices.

Proven brand reliability of our IOCL approved tyre inflator machines working at thousands of petrol pumps and workshops across India and the world,  and backed by service and support across India…


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